Ans: Getwell Health Systems, Inc. is a Health Maintainance Organization ( HMO ) a company that offers managed health care services for its members through their accredited physicians, hospitals and clinics.
Ans: Membership is open to all private companies, e.g. manpower agency, security agency, or cooperatives having at least 100 employees, whether regular or contractual. Age requirement is 18 – 60 years old.
Ans: Payment is through salary deduction.

Ans: The Health Benefits of Getwell are the following:

  • Preventive Health Care
  • Out-patient Consultation
  • In-patient/Hospital Confinement
  • Emergency Treatment
  • Dental Services
  • Accident Insurance Coverage ( Optional )
  • Financial Assistance
Ans: You must first agree with Getwell on the package you want to give to your employees. Then, both parties can proceed for contract signing. Submit the list of employees to be enrolled ( with complete information: full name, birthdates, address, name of beneficiary, and his/her position in the company.) After 3 days, you will receive your billing.
Ans: No, We don't cater individual membership, only to corporate account.
Ans: No, Getwell is non-transferable, only the principal member can use the card.
Ans: No, membership premium is non-refundable.
Ans: Getwell covers OPD and Emergency cases while Philhealth covers Admission upon submission of Philhealth from duly approved by the employer.
Ans: Yes, as long as you meet the required requirement of 100 members as initial enrollment.
Ans: Yes, we incorporate accidental benefits for our members.

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