Emergency Availment


How to avail Emergency Services:

  • Member goes to the Emergency Room (ER) of an accredited hospital
  • Member presents his Getwell card to the Emergency Room (ER) staff for validation of membership status.
  • Medical staff calls Getwell to verify membership status
  • If membership status is ACTIVE, Getwell staff gives approval number for medical treatment
    If INACTIVE, member is declined and advised to call their employer for his/her membership status
  • Member undergoes treatment
  • If declared an Out-Patient case, member signs the outpatient charge slip upon discharge for billing.
    If for Admission, medical staff notifies Getwell for Letter of Authorization (LOA)of the approved benefits
  • Getwell staff notifies the agency or member-patients’ relatives to file PhilHealth Insurance benefits upon discharge . Any incremental and miscellaneous fees must be paid by the member-patients.

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