Our corporate policy is to guarantee affordability, personalized service and prompt payment of the medica charges of our covered member bills and to rapidly gain unqualified acceptance by and among members of the working class as well as the best healthcare providers in the country at the same time ensuring its place in an industry that is still in its infancy. Through this policy, we hope to touch the lives of Filipino families everywhere, especially the most needy.


Our Corporate Values


Goal Oriented     -     focused and responsible in achieving company goals and objectives at all times.


Excellence          -     commited to deliver to our members the highest quality of service at all times and to do our best in                                                   exceeding their expectations.


Teamwork          -     commited to work as one family in a spirit of cooperation, mutual respect and trust.


Willingness        -     to uphold the fundamental principles of integrity, honesty, fairness, transparency, hard work                                                                  and enduring sense of humanity.


Efficient             -     commited to do whatever it takes to get the job done immediately, properly and on time.


Loyal                  -     we love our company, our members and the group and willstanby it's principle and will defend it at all times.


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