Preventive Health Care

Measures taken to prevent illness/disease by providing medical service such as regular medical check-up (CBC, Urinalysis, Fecalysis, Chest X-Ray, Physical Examination)

Out-Patient Consultation

A patient can visit the clinic for treatment and he does not require an overnight stay.

Emergency Care Treatment

A sudden serious situation or occurrence that happens unexpectedly and demands immediate action. It could be life threatening or a situation that can cause permanent disability.

Hospital Confinement

The period in a healthcare facility (hospital) that begins with a patient’s admission and ends with discharge.

Dental Care

Is the maintenance of keeping the oral cavity in order to prevent dental caries, gum disease & other dental disorders

Death Benefits

The monetary benefit entitled to a beneficiary upon the death of the insured.


GETWELL is a Health and Maintenance Organization (HMO) in Metro Manila that provides managed healthcare services like Preventive Health Care, Out-Patient Consultation, Emergency Care Treatment, Hospital Confinement, Dental Care, Death Benefit and other benefit plans for its members through accredited physicians, hospitals and clinics.

“The GETWELL Advantage”

    • Membership is open to all employees, whether regular or contractual
    • Payment is through salary deduction.
    • Services rendered by non- accredited hospitals are covered in emergency cases.
    • Service is personalized.
    • A 24/7 customer service hotline ensures prompt and immediate response.



Greetings from SSMC Group of Hospitals and Clinics! We are hereby greatly appreciates for all your support in delivering quality healthcare provider given to us, and good customer service on responding your clients’ member needs on out-patient and in-patients’ services. We highly recommend Getwell as one of the best and most comprehensive HMO provider. We are looking forward for our fruitfull business relationship on healthcare matters.



Nonato Multi Specialty Clinic & Diagnostic Center greatly appreciates all your Support, Goodwill and Trust that you’re good company has given us. We look forward to a brighter future between our partnership. Expect us to readily respond to all the clients that you refer to us. We assure of the best services that we can offer them.

—– Dr. Marcelino G. Nonato M.D and Ma. Emelyn D. Nonato / Nonato Multi Specialty Clinic & Diagnostic Center /


Rances Dental Care Cente / Rances Dental Care Cente /

Rances Dental Care Center has been an accredited dental provider of Getwell Health System Inc. since 2007. We are happy with how they manage provider relations as well as customer service for their members.


I am a GETWELL bonafide member. I was confined in Fatima University Medical Center, a non-accredited provider due to Vehicular Accident. So I have to have my hospitalization bills reimbursed by Getwell Health Sytems, Inc., I was very satisfied with the prompt service  and the hospitality of the staff. I was able to get my reimbursement a short time. Congratulations to the Management and its staff !!!